Learn carding -How carding actually done?

Carding is a method where stolen credit card or debit card details are used to purchase products through online shopping sites like Amazon,Flipkart,ebay ,Ali express and so on..

There is a hidden web(also known as dark web) where most of the illegal activites are done. ✓ Here is a blog about dark web? Basically those cards are stolen or gathered through leaked data (breach of data) .

These leaked data or stolen details of users are sold over this dark web by hackers for so and so amount …

(>You can know about types of hackers over this blog.)

Some people use this carding method to make money as follow.

Ans : I Sell This Things At This Rate Because I Do Carding .

Ans : I Normally Use Canadian Non Verified Visa Cards Of Imperial Bank Because These Cards Comes With High Balance So I Can Use One CC For 3–4 Orders.I Buy These Cards From Deep Dark Sites Like Validcc.tw & Empire Market .

Ans : Yes,You Are Totally Safe.These Are Canadian CC So No One Will Come To India To Trace Anyone From Canada.And These Are High Balance Credit Card So Credit Card Owner Get There Money Back From Credit Card Insurance.And I Don’t Do Carding On Amazon.com I do Carding on Amazon.in so no one can file global case.So You Are Totally Safe.

Ans : Because I Am Hacker,I Also Have To Buy CC,Socks 5 And RDP For Completing Orders So I Have To Pay For That So I Can’t Proceed Without Payment.

Ans: I Don’t Force Anyone To Trust Me Because You Are Buyer,Money Is Yours. I Post All The Proofs In My Channel If You Are Satisfied With Than You Can Deal With Me.

Telegram had now became popular during lockdown due to some reasons regarding WhatsApp like it’s terms and conditions and so on…Telegram is a great platform to learn as well as to fall in trape over this fraud people and loss our money.so don’t fall into this trape if they give iPhone at cheap cost. you get products at cheap cost but through genuine websites .those are named as loot deals…

I hope this article gave some information to know about frauds and carding..

Thank you Aravind

Originally published at https://aravindblog.hashnode.dev.



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