Top 7 GitHub repositories To boost your coding skills.

It’s been a while I had written on .This would be the most useful Post i have ever written those who are intrested in open source and coding helps them a lot.

The Algorithms
🍿What’s The Algorithms?

Link —

The Algorithms is a repository completely focused on learning you data structures and algorithms using different languages.

2. Freecodecamp
🎨 I think I had heared about it .

Link —

Freecodecamp is a non profited organization focused on helping you to learn code.Here you will find every course published on the platform!

3. Coding_ interview_University.

🥑 Do you have an idea?

Link —

This repo covers different questions about different topics which helps you to prepare for your next interview.Tips to help you optimize time are included!

4. 30-seconds-of-code



This repo contains short code snippets/one liners to use about every single topic you can think of.

Js,python,CSS and Git are the main languages supported.

5. App-ideas.

🤔 Are you out of ideas?


It contains a collection of application ideas that can be used to improve your skills(and included in your portfolios). The creator has some other repo to check out.

6. Awesome-cheatsheets.

🌱 Learn in an easy way.


It is a collection of amazing cheatsheets for every popular programming language, framework and dev-tools.Everthing you need to know about it ,in a single file!

7. Front-End-checkList
💥 Do you have everything ?


It is a list of items you should have before launching any website. Whenever you’re done checking,you can proceed to the next steps and next and next and so on..

Thank you for reading! 😎

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By Aravind Akuthota

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Aravind Akuthota

I'm a student. I love to explore new projects and contribute in open source .